Restore Balance Naturally
Restore Balance Naturally

What is Healthy Shen?

The central concepts of traditional Chinese medicine differ from Western pathological categories of disease, and a familiarity with its unique vocabulary is a stepping-stone to the theoretical framework within which health and disease are understood. The human body is perceived as a microcosm, a universe in miniature. Just as Nature includes air, sea, and land, so the body is a matrix comprised of Qi (pronounced "chee"), Moisture, Blood, Jing, and Shen – the five body constituents.

The symbol for "Shen" is thought to reflect the "spirit, the vital principle, the divine...." In Oriental  medicine, Shen is responsible for perception, sensation, expression, and self-awareness. Shen is said to be the driving energy behind activities that take place in the mental, spiritual or creative planes.  Healthy Shen is observed in the luminosity and clarity of the eyes and complexion.  The disposition is bright and a spiritual radiance is observed.  In the presence of shen harmony,  there is connection and awareness, wisdom and vitality, flexibility and unity.   Life will be guided from the heart where shen resides and expressed in all its uniqueness, creativity and individuality resulting in a life "well lived." 

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